About Me

Ever since I found out you can order books online and have them magically appear on your doorstep I've never stopped being fascinated with how much there is to learn. Through my formal education I have managed to carve out a niche for myself by blending a Physics background with an Economics education, but I consider that to be a side dish of my own education. The main couse has been all the books, scientific papers, and blog posts, I have read so far and will continue to do, and that's a main course I will never feel full with.


Automated Model Selection for GDP Growth Forecasting

The goal was to develop a procedure to automatically select between multiple models the one with the best forecasting performance on a dataset of quarterly GDP data from multiple European countries. Click in the link for a detailed report on the process I followed while developing this project, from concept to the implementation in R.


Marketing Associate

Resistance, Junior Enterprise

I was an early member of the company’s Marketing team. In this role I negotiated contract terms for parterships with other companies, created a market study about the mobile market to guide the Software team in a company project, and presented and proposed that same project to the university’s staff. I also participated in the 2014/2015 Global Management Challenge.

Executive Assistant

The 21 Convention

I provided direct assistance to the company’s CEO. In this role I setup the company's online store, managed a team of volunteers to transcribe and translate the company's videos to multiple languages, and researched and established contact with new speakers to talk at the company’s flagship event.

Skills & Proficiency